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Welcome to the Xyrinfe XOver Wiki!

("XOver" is pronounced like "crossover", incidentally.)

This is a wiki that not only documents the history, etc. of the Xyrinfe Shadow Project, but also covers several of the related projects by the Lunar Tierce as well. It also includes some fan content and most definitely crossover stuff too (hence the name "XOver").

Random quote:

For all we know, historical Vanilluxe might've been an ice cream werewolf.

- Cibryll (16 February 2023)

Be warned, however, that there are spoilers, at least in regards to the Xyrinfe Shadow Project.

Xyrinfe Shadow Project works
Lunar Shadow Solar Shadow Solar Shadow 2 Lunar Shadow: Ruin of Solace Shadow of Anegio
Xyrinfe Shadow Lunar Shadow: The Rise of Quoris Solar Shadow 4 Twisted Lunar Shadow Shadow Crystal Fantasia
Apocalyptic Shadow Lunar Shadow Я Schatten von die Existenz Lunar Shadow X Planetary Shadow
The Endanian Chronicles NEO Generation Shadow Qomens Shadow Lunar Shadow ZER0 Lunar Shadow α
Yami-jū no Kage Celestial Shadow Lunar Shadow Memories Lunar Shadow: Myst Zone X Lunar Shadow: Seas of Tirahnys
Xyrinfian universes Races Groups
Sköll Alfarnos Valkyries Erinysi Routen Band
Syngilt Ulyndor Titans Overseers Voidslaves
Ridrhym Endania Humans Elves Neo Organization
Halcyon Fuji no Himawari Felinoids Caninoids The Establishment
Vǣrkol Ragsia Chronobi Merfolk One Institution
Cú Chyðor Usþilkor Jotunn Goliaths Abysmkiss Corporation
Silkyce Nyźa Del Myravia Faelçies Keepers of Xyr
Roguecaster Túlvilág Cyanolians Sivleren Fairies
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Evan O'Neill Minerva Galdyring The Relinquished Fireball The Myth of Cleo
Victori D. Doragon Cirxhale Voidbeasts Extreme Ring Origin and Terminus
Evan O'Neill Gwyneth O'Connors Antiquity Link Shadow
Iqthal Seria d'Artagnan Gas masks Cave Story: Time Warp
Arabella Moonsong Charlie de Bruyn Lunisolar Gems Within a Dark City
Aidan Flamberge Lyrḉenka de Valencina Mjöllnir Code: DESOLATE
Sjane Gloveblade Caoimhe Nic Céin Void Armaments Twisted Charade
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Into the Unknown TerraXyrinfea Pokémon Rosen XSP Forums
Vresun: Ciraian Ruins Yu-Gi-Oh! GEAR XSP Wikia
Fate of Sorcelle
Vion Ierra
Fate of Cyronia

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The main page is… probably still unfinished even now, but as usual, it's always better than nothing!