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Info about Frede

This includes Gym Leaders and what not. Feeling lazy.

Frede is a region that is based on the country of South Africa. While South Africa has at least twenty-seven islands (supposedly), there are only a few islands found near Frede, instead.

(Four islands have been confirmed to exist: Duister Island (based on Marion Island), Milrose Island (based on Robben Island), Queen Juno Island (based on Prince Edward Island), and Suid Island (based on Dyer Island).)

Frede has nine provinces, each with its own habitats and such.

Hidden Machines do not require Gym Badges in order to be used.

Several ideas came about thanks to a King (2.0), so thanks to him!

Fredan Gym Leaders





Acheta Bug The Fredan Bug Catching Contest also takes place here.

His name is from the scientific name for field crickets, apparently.

Yoru Dark He is a blind ninja who was born in the Johto region. He is very knowledgeable about the Legendary titans. He is very serious and terse, but when nobody is around, he is curious as to what type a vampire Pokémon would be and what its weaknesses would be.

His name means “night” in Japanese.

Dragon She spends her free time researching Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, and is a teacher at a girls-only school as well.
Electric An electrician who is also a robot. It is not known who created it, but it is actually a spy for the villainous organization led by Rick.
Fairy Born in the Alola region, this girl was once attacked by an unknown Ultra Beast, and barely escaped. The resulting trauma has led to her being unable to get close to any Pokémon, and she wears a biohazard suit in case it helps her eventually overcoming this setback. It serves as protection against biological and chemical agents as well, thus allowing her to aid in the fight against Team Venom.
Fighting He only uses Pokémon that have Scrappy has their ability, due to his fear of ghosts. The Buneary he has is a gift from his girlfriend, and he spends his free time looking for a Mega Stone for a Lopunny as well as a Key Stone.
Calora Fire This hot girl is a model for… questionable attire. She has been seen with a Litten and a Firium Z.

Her name comes from the Spanish word “calor”, meaning “heat”?

Alohilani Flying A girl born in the Alola region. Her name means “bright sky”.

This vivacious girl has her head in the clouds most of the time, but in times of need, she is dependable. She is such an airhead, she thinks that Pikachu is a Fairy-type Pokémon. And Xerneas is a Poison/Dragon-type. And Eternatus is a Steel/Ice-type. And that Primarina is a Sound-type (which doesn't even exist, so far as is known). Yet her thoughts about the Flying-types are all spot-on, so it's unclear whether this is really a case of her being an airhead or just faking it to deceive her foes.

Having lost her parents in a fire, she carries a gas mask with her at all times to protect her from smoke or tear gas.

Ghost The town this Gym is located in is a ghost town.

He often finds himself entangled in mystery novels. He has a crush on Shauntal of the Unova Elite Four.

He is known to have a Riolu (as a counter to Dark-types).

Grass An outdoor, nature-themed Gym where wild Pokémon can be found.

She wears Rowlet-print socks reaching above the knee (OTK socks). She even has a Rowlet.

She finds wilted flowers to be more beautiful than normal flowers.

Ground This farmer will not hold back. He has a mighty Rhyperior on hand. He is a man of few words.
Shimo Ice An ice queen who gives people the cold shoulder. Born in the Kanto region, her cold gaze is said to lower the temperature of a room by several degrees.

Her name means “frost” in Japanese.

Normal The parents of the protagonist. At night, the father takes over, while the mother takes over during the day. At twilight, both take on challengers in a Double Battle.

The mother has a Kangaskhan and its Mega Stone, but has yet to attain a Key Stone. She attains one by the time her child becomes Champion, and wears it in a necklace.

Poison She is from a region where uranium ore is bountiful. She lost her father when a nuclear power plant had a meltdown. She sometimes visits her home region, but she suffers from some major depression. She carries a gas mask on hand at all times, and wears a pendant she got from her father.

(A reference to the fan-game Pokémon Uranium. Were it permitted, she'd use Pokémon from that region as well…)

Psychic Formerly a lass, but smart enough to devise strategies with which she can easily defeat her opponents. She has declined several offers to join the Fredan Elite Four.

She wears a short mustard green skirt with her school uniform.

Rock He is a rock star with a star-themed Solrock/Lunatone counterpart.
Steel He has an iron lung. He has an Aegislash. He has a Key Stone embedded within a sword. He wears a crown on his head. He wears heavy metal armor no matter the temperature. He has a crippling fear of heights.
Water May have swimsuit models. Also a cafe serving drinks and ice creams.

He is capable of adapting to any strategy within minutes.

Clara Varied A couple who serve as the collective Gym leaders of their home village.

The Frede region is large enough to have 19 Gyms. However, the nineteenth Gym is post-game content, as it hasn't yet been finished by the time the player reaches the Pokémon League.

Fredan Pokémon League



Sonia Routen Varied Elite Four A famous singer who was born in the Galar region, but moved to Frede at a young age. She is the leader of the Routen Band, and often travels when she gets the opportunity – usually once a month for a week.

She specializes in Pokémon with sound-based moves.

Varied Elite Four His Pokémon have a weather theme, and Castform is known to be his strongest Pokémon.
Barney Varied Elite Four Based on Shane's late mother.

She specializes in feline Pokémon. And Pikachu.

Majuto Varied Elite Four He has dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

He specializes in Pokémon with alternate forms.

Varied Elite Four When Sonia Routen and the Routen Band aren't around, this Trainer temporarily takes her place as member of the Elite Four, until Sonia returns.
Juno Varied Champion Based on Alice and Charlie's late mother.

She wears a navy blue long-sleeved knee-length dress with black opaque tights and black high heels.

Unlike most regions, however, a Trainer is allowed to leave at any time – they'll just have to do everything from scratch. Also, the Champion's room has a healing station as well.

Fredan Villains



Rick Varied Leader (Hunters) Based on Alice and Charlie's late father.

He is the leader of the Pokémon Hunters in the Frede region.

Leader (Venom) The psychotic leader of Team Venom, who seeks to make the world a toxic place that Poison-types may thrive in, and where humans have to wear gas masks just to be able to breathe.

Not even a peaceful region is free of villains.

Fredan Rivals



Alice Varied Based on Alice.

Her attire consists of a sleeveless white knee-length dress, long white gloves, white tights, and pink Mary-Janes. When outdoors, she also wears a pale pink felt cap with a green artificial flower pin. She carries a sky blue ribbon purse. At times, she wears a black twin-filter gas mask with rose pink lenses.

One of Juno's daughters.

Charlie Varied Based on Charlie.

Her attire consists of a sleeveless black turtleneck, a black denim miniskirt, long black gloves, black tights, and black Mary-Janes. When outdoors, she also wears a navy blue felt cap with a pink artificial flower pin. She carries a pale pink ribbon purse. At times, she wears a black twin-filter gas mask with sky blue lenses. (This outfit is mostly based on the outfit Charlie's character wore in her Pokémon Y playthrough.)

One of Juno's daughters.

Wanted dead in the Svetlina region as a result of Ditto, but how is anybody's guess. It's bad enough that Charlie uses a special perfume that's poisonous to Ditto.

What would this be without any rivals?

Other Fredan Characters




They've got other purposes.