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Copy-paste of the Frede-related files. It seems the OpenOffice tables are a bit messy when copied over, but that's that.

This page is truly massive, so further content can be found at another sandbox. And an obligatory link to the main XOver page, too.

Fan Pokémon

At present, Frede has a total of more than 641 Fakemon. However, updating the table is gonna take quite a while, so Cibryll has decided to just take her time with everything, somehow. Not like she has anything better to do with her time, after all.

In fact… the table grew so big, Cibryll was forced to split it up into multiple pages already.

Fan regional variants and alternate forms

At present, Frede adds about 108 regional variants or alternate forms.

Fredan forms and variants




Weedle Kakuna (Level 7) Bug Ice
Kakuna Frosdrillbee (Level 10) Bug Ice
Ekans Arbok (Level 22) Poison Psychic
Arbok Arcanaconda (Mind Stone + day) Poison Psychic
Sandshrew Sandslash Ground / Fire



Living in volcanic environments has changed them somewhat.
Sandslash Ground / Fire



Vulpix Ninetales (Thunder Stone) Electric



Fredan Vulpix lived in caves with magnetic energy to hide from predators. They can be found both in forests and in caves.
Ninetales Electric



Psyduck Golduck (Level 33 + Icy Rock) Ice Water
Golduck Ice Water
Mankey Primeape Fighting / Dragon



Primeape Angerilla Fighting / Dragon



Growlithe Arcanine (Ice Stone) Ice
Arcanine Ice
Geodude Graveler Rock Fire They are formed from volcanic rock, or something like that. Hence the Fire-typing.
Graveler Golem Rock Fire
Golem Rock Fire
Ponyta Rapidash (Level 40) Ice
Rapidash Ice
Horsea Seadra Fire This regional variant lives in volcanoes where they frolic in the magma.
Seadra Kingdra Fire
Magikarp Gyarados Fire This regional variant lives in volcanoes where they frolic in the magma… except Magikarp is still as weak as ever.

Mega Gyarados

Fire Flying
Mega Gyarados Fire Dark
Kabuto Kabutops Rock Ghost Not a fossil Pokémon, technically.

It is a fossil that has been inhabited by a vengeful spirit.

Kabutops Rock Ghost Not a fossil Pokémon.

It is a fossil that has been inhabited by a vengeful spirit.

Aerodactyl Rock Ghost Not a fossil Pokémon.

It is a fossil that has been inhabited by a raging spirit. When it Mega Evolves, the bones become as hard as steel.

Requires Aerodactylite to Mega Evolve.

Mega Aerodactyl Steel Ghost
Spinarak Ariados Bug Spinarak in this region are not toxic.
Ariados Bug Fighting Ariados in this region are known to be protectors of the weak, and they prey on Dark-type Pokémon most often. They are also pretty much larger than Johtonian Ariados.
Togepi Togetic Dark Because an evil Togepi was just waiting to come to life.
Togetic Togekiss Dark Fairy
Shuckle Bug Fire Fredan Shuckle are extremely rare. Their Attack and Special Defense stats are really high, and they lived in volcanic areas, until their shells became so hot that it caught fire.
Houndour Houndoom Dark Ice
Houndoom Dark Ice
Mega Houndoom Dark Ice
Kingdra Fire Dragon
Raikou Steel Lightning Rod

(Motor Drive)

Entei Ice Flash Fire
Suicune Ground Water Absorb
Aron Steel Fire These live in volcanic environments.
Lairon Steel Fire
Aggron Steel Fire
Mega Aggron Steel Fire
Volbeat Skemerio Bug Electric This was inspired by Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 (fan hacks of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2).
Illumise Skemerio Bug Electric This was inspired by Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 (fan hacks of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2).
Spinda Pangyrate Fighting Evolves into Pangyrate in this region.
Trapinch Vibrava Ice They live in colder environments.
Vibrava Flygon Ice Dragon
Flygon Ice Dragon
Seviper Poison Dragon The Fredan Seviper look more draconic than ever before.
Absol Fairy They actively help protect people from being harmed by natural disasters, and will often call in help from other Pokémon in the area.When a Fredan Absol Mega Evolves, it actually grows usable wings, allowing it to take to the sky to protect the people of the region. These wings remind people of angels.
Mega Absol Fairy Flying
Chimchar Monferno Fairy Grass In Frede, these monkeys are content with monkeying around in forests.
Monferno Infernape Fairy Grass
Infernape Fairy Grass
Starly Staravia Fighting Flying Anger Point(Justified) Starly in this region became Fighting-type because they have a sense of justice.
Staravia Staraptor Fighting Flying Anger Point(Justified)
Staraptor Fighting Flying Anger Point(Justified) Nobody wants to run into an angry Staraptor. Especially not a Fredan Staraptor!
Bidoof Bibarel Dark It is said that due to how Bidoof was treated in the past, constantly being mocked and treated as a joke,it started becoming hostile towards people and Pokémon alike.Its bite is said to cause pain for sixty-six years. It can learn Poison Fang.
Bibarel Dark Water
Kricketot Kricketune (Level 10) Normal Bug
Kricketune Krickebard (level up + sound-based move) Normal Bug
Gible Gabite Water Dragon Unlike their Sinnohan counterparts, the Gible of the Frede region live in water – and are often said to be quite dangerous.
Gabite Garchomp Water Dragon
Garchomp Water Dragon
Mega Garchomp Water Dragon
Croagunk Toxicroak Poison Psychic
Toxicroak Poison Psychic
Togekiss Dark Fairy
Shaymin(Land Forme) Ice
Shaymin(Sky Forme) Ice Flying
Purrloin Liepard Dark Fairy The Purrloin of the Frede region are more whimsical than outright thievish.

While they can learn Thief, it is only through TM – they instead learn Covet through level-up.

Liepard Dark Fairy
Roggenrola Boldore Rock Fire Fredan Roggenrola are found in areas with volcanic rock. This is where they adapted to survive (and thrive) in the environment, becoming part-Fire-type as a result.
Boldore Gigalith Rock Fire
Gigalith Rock Fire
Gothita Gothorita (Level 32) Fairy Just as the Gothita line seems to be based on Gothic fashion (or whatever), the Iolian Gothita line is based on Lolita fashion (or whatever).
Gothorita Gothitelle (Level 41) Fairy
Gothitelle Fairy
Litwick Lampent Ghost Electric
Lampent Chandelure Ghost Electric Based on an electric lamp.
Chandelure Ghost Electric Based on an electric chandelier – yes, that's a thing that exists, apparently.
Axew Fraxure Dragon Steel The Axew in this region are defensive and protected with armor. Their offense leaves a lot to be desired…
Fraxure Haxorus Dragon Steel
Haxorus Dragon Steel
Bouffalant Water Normal Based on a Cape buffalo.
Larvesta Volcaluna Bug Fairy These nocturnal Pokémon have a moon theme going on.
Distorted Kyurem Dragon Ice Distortion What happens if Kyurem is merged with Dogurim while it is merged with Reshiram and Zekrom.

Height: ????

Weight: ????

“No data.”

Original Kyurem Dragon Ice Original Dragon The bad guys basically merge Kyurem with Zekrom and Reshiram alike, so.

Height: ????

Weight: ????

“This legendary Pokémon is said to be the original dragon prior to being separated into three separate Pokémon. Its power is unrivaled.”

… Could be worse if Dogurim was also thrown into the mix.

Gray Kyurem Dragon Ice [Titanacid] Listed here due to Dogurim being a thing here.

Height: 10'06”

Weight: 716.5 lbs.

“This legendary ice Pokémon had the missing parts of its body filled with ruination. Perhaps as a result, it seeks to destroy the world.”

Fletchling Fletchiller Normal Flying The only differences are their evolution and their coloration – an icy blue color.
Flabébé Floette Fairy Poison Those of this region have taken to poisonous flowers, unlike Kalosian Flabébé.
Floette Florges Fairy Poison
Florges Fairy Poison
Honedge Doublade Rock Ghost No Guard Rather than steel swords, these are made of rock, so they are not Steel-types.
Doublade Aegislash Rock Ghost No Guard
Aegislash Rock Ghost Stance Change
Clauncher Clawverin Water Steel
Bergmite Avalugg Ice Rock
Avalugg Frigantic (Ice Stone) Ice Rock
Rowlet Dartrix Ice Flying Long Reach They live in a colder environment than usual.
Dartrix Decidueye Ice Flying Long Reach
Decidueye Ice Ghost Long Reach
Sandygast Palossand Ice Ghost In the Frede region, this Pokémon used to be called “Snowygast” until it was discovered to be a regional variant of Sandygast.
Palossand Ice Ghost In the Frede region, this Pokémon used to be called “Palossnow” until it was discovered to be a regional variant of Palossand.
Night Fin Necrozma Psychic Water Legendary Pokémon.

Night Fin Necrozma requires fusion with Stellango via the use of the N-Astralizer.

Meltan Melmetal (level 26 + 3 Meltan in party) Steel Dark Mythical Pokémon.
Melmetal Melmetyran (level 59 + 3 Melmetal in party) Steel Dark Mythical Pokémon.
Rookidee Corvisquire (level 18) Flying
Corvisquire Corviknight (level 38) Flying Ice
Corviknight Corviking (level 58 + Milrosian Crown) Flying Ice
Nickit Thievul (level 18) Ice Dark
Thievul Robbriga (level 38 + night) Ice Dark
Centiskorch Infernipede Fire Dark Evolves from Sizzlipede in this region, but are way ruthless – even a Drapion might flee.
Tinkatink Blacksmith Pokémon Tinkatuff (level 24) Fire Steel Themed around a blacksmith.
Tinkatuff Blacksmith Pokémon Tinkaton (level 38) Fire Steel
Tinkaton Blacksmith Pokémon Fire Steel