Frede (XOver region)

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Frede is a region in Pokémon XOver.

Etymology and design concept


The name comes from the Afrikaans word "vrede", meaning "peace".

Design concept

Frede is based on South Africa.



Frede League

Gym Leaders

Frede League
No. Gym Leader Location Type Badge Notes
01 Dragon
02 Psychic
03 Yoru Dark
04 Water
05 Rock
06 Ghost
07 Ground
08 Fighting
09 Electric
10 Normal
11 Acheta Bug
12 Steel
13 Alohilani Flying
14 Fairy
15 Shimo Ice
16 Poison
17 Calora Fire
18 Grass
19 Clara Varied

Elite Four and Champion

Frede League
Member Theme Notes.
Sonia Routen Sound
Tufani Weather
Barney Felines (and Pikachu)
Majuto Alternate forms
Only if Sonia is unavailable.
Juno Champion.


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