Jzydia Szayelxrovria

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    Jzydia Rylmonika Lyricula Szayelxrovria is a mysterious Valkyrie from Kenseiten.

    She has a counterpart from another timeline, Jzydia Thornton.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Jzydia has long blue hair, a red left eye, and fair skin. Due to her Taint, her right eye is completely empty. She is roughly 5'4", but weighs about 48.9 kg (108 pounds).

    Outfits[edit | edit source]

    Jzydia's main outfit consists of a black top leaving her left shoulder bare, short black gloves, a black microskirt, opaque black tights, and black ankle boots.

    Her formal outfit consists of a black sleeveless dress reaching her knees, black satin gloves reaching just above her elbows, opaque black tights, and black high-heeled shoes.

    No matter what her outfit, she always wears a black eyepatch over her right eye, and a golden crescent moon-shaped hairpin on the left side of her head. Her gas mask is black, with black lenses.

    As a ghost, Jzydia wears a white long-sleeved robe reaching her knees, and white knee socks. She does not wear a hairpin or eyepatch.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Jzydia speaks as though she is a robot or cyborg or something. However, she is a Valkyrie.

    She does not like it when people call her "heavy" or "fat".

    She enjoys unusual flavours, and especially likes chocolate-strawberry sea-salt flavoured ice cream.

    She absolutely hates wearing masks of any kind, to such an extent that she would rather wear an Airmulet than a gas mask. However, if she has no other choice, she'll reluctantly wear a gas mask only for as long as she has to.

    She also hates the Erinysi for reasons unknown.

    Abilities[edit | edit source]

    Jzydia possesses the Eternal Nascence Taint. Her elemental affinity is not known.

    Jzydia has an incredible aptitude for spells and is capable of casting spells of any tier, something that even members of the Serenthan pantheon have some difficulty with.

    Due to being the victim of cruel experimentation, Jzydia is even more vulnerable to poisons and illnesses than most Valkyries.

    As a ghost, Jzydia is incapable of passing through most solid objects, but is capable of possessing some entities. She is also incapable of using her usual abilities.

    Story[edit | edit source]

    Unknown[edit | edit source]

    Born on 7 October 2004 to the Valkyrie Harsietta Szayelxrovria and the human Milda Thornton, Jzydia was abducted at the age of 1 and her parents murdered in cold blood by Milda's sisters, Minaria and Rythalia Thornton. Since then, Jzydia was cruelly experimented on by the sisters, and was constantly suffering. She spent most of her few peaceful moments inside some sort of capsule filled with an unknown liquid that amplified her regeneration capabilities, breathing through an oxygen mask that also kept her sedated. Because Minaria and Rythalia always wore full HAZMAT suits, Jzydia never knew the identity of the people who experimented on her so cruelly, and is also unaware as to why she was experimented on in the first place.

    At some point after her sixteenth birthday, she was broken out of her prison and set free by four women wearing gas masks.

    In other works[edit | edit source]

    In Cosmic Interference[edit | edit source]

    Jzydia was first seen been thrown out of a mysterious rift, mortally wounded and unconscious. She was taken to hospital soon after.

    She is later seen in the hospital, attacked by Iagsånx who sedated her with something resembling an oxygen mask, having some of her blood drawn, and lastly injected her with a deadly poison. Shortly thereafter, Jzydia passed on, though she assumed a spectral form instead of crossing over to Elysium. She could not be heard or seen by the hospital staff, and, when she attempted to leave, found herself unable to phase through the walls. When she concentrated, the wall caught fire instead, and the hospital ended up burning to the ground.

    After encountering enemies, Jzydia managed to take control of one, but something happened that knocked her out cold. When she came to later, she went to the west where she ran into Etarmi, who offered to help Jzydia to get a corporeal body. Jzydia declined, however, but before Etarmi could do anything, she was knocked unconscious by a cheese golem falling on top of her.

    Jzydia made an attempt to possess the Relinquished, but was unable to do so, and was critically wounded, forcing her to retreat, dodging thrown trees and encountering someone that scratched both her and the Limburger Golem. At some point after Remnant vanquishes the Relinquished, Jzydia blacks out and wakes up within a crimson crystalline zone.

    After leaving the room she woke up in, she went out into a large hall with a throne, and on touching a sapphire embedded within the throne, several illusory beings made their appearance in the room. These beings, excluding one radiating a menacing aura, were mostly rude towards her. After Remnant and Kiryu appeared in Jzydia's Dream Realm, however, monsters popped up.

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